If it's too low, you might be nicking muscle, and thus getting blood. I've been working on some art that honors Bien and makes me feel close to her; I would be happy to share it with you privately (since I don't think we can post images here). I'm giving him fluids again on Thursday and will be warming the fluids just like you do. The terminal elimination half-life after a single dose is estimated to be approximately 15 hrs (+/-10%) in cats. And glad to hear Leo is responding so well to your regimen of fluids. I AGREE THAT STERIODS ARE DANGEROUS FOR BOTH ANIMALS AND HUMANS. Angle the needle straight or slightly up vs toward the body where it might hit muscle tissue. Is there some way to solve this 'problem'--i.e. Michelle's advice is a good idea; having the vet techs show you in person how to stick the needle in would be a good start. God bless you all and all our feline friends. "The Center for Companion Animal Studies at Colorado State University has shown that cats vaccinated with FVRCP vaccines grown on Crandell-Rees Feline Kidney (CRFK) cell lines can develop antibodies to renal (kidney) proteins, and that cats hypersensitized to CRFK cell lysates can develop interstitial nephritis. Anyway, thanks for your hub. Reactions to … I would take all stray kittens and their mother if possible, to a no-kill shelter so they can receive proper medical care, food, water and shelter from the cold. In case of unexpected event---the vet on call arrived late or the vet clinic suddenly closed or not enough money to go to the vet whilst the stray kitten of maybe one of my cat are dehydrated, do you think I'm allowed to learn this procedure? You'll know you haven't closed it if it starts dripping out of the line—it will, even if the line is capped—once you hook it up to the bag! I know that dread in your heart as you shepherd her through these precious days with love and comfort. If you have decided to go ahead and give your cat the IV where would you start to get the supplies you need. THANK YOU FOR WARNING US ABOUT HOW CORTISONE SHOTS ARE LINKED TO DIABETES IN CATS. I can tell my cat can feel my frustration and she starts to meow. Today he's like he's in his teens again, walking around, eating allot, and just being the best cat he can be. During the first Match Day celebration of its kind, the UCSF School of Medicine class of 2020 logged onto their computers the morning of Friday, March 20 to be greeted by a video from Catherine Lucey, MD, MACP, Executive Vice Dean and Vice Dean for Medical Education. My kitty is going to begin daily fluids. The needle should be inserted gently and smoothly into the tent that has been formed, keeping the needle parallel with the cat’s back, so that the tip of the needle is lying in the subcutaneous space. Thank you so much for this information! If your chair or couch is next to a closet, you can swing the closet door open and hang the bag there, numbers facing you. I’m 2 weeks into fluids and have seen my girl struggle (she is down to 5 lbs). Thanks so much for sharing the story of your near-epic attempt to give Jabby his first dose of subq fluids. I have for the first time had to give Digit (has 6 toes on each foot), his saline IV. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. She would assume her normal position and lay still, purring, while she got watered. Is their a alcohol pad with lidocaine that helps w/pain on injection site or anything? While the juice is flowing, keep your hand lightly on the needle to hold it in place. As already mentioned, this is the most common subject that I consult on and it is upsetting to see so many domestic cats end up dying from kidney disease when it is not that prevalent in wild cats. And some weight loss is not unusual with both older and CRF kitties. It wasn't until more than a year later, when Stormy began looking tired and down, that we took her in for blood work. xoxoxo. I would make sure to take her back to the vet within 3 months to see if anything's changed. You will see a steady flow of drips in the drip chamber, and you will see the fluid gradually filling the tubing. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it is actually pretty easily once you get use to it. The plastic cap should be removed from the needle (by pulling it off, but be careful not to stab yourself with the needle!). Angel is my kids' baby sister, and more like a dog interacting with us, so I wasn't ready at all to let her go at 9 yrs. I DID SOME RESEARCH AND FOUND OUT THAT THIS ANTIBIOTIC IS INJECTED AND STAYS IN THE BODY FOR 2 MONTHS. He's only 6 years old so it's hard for me to deal with this all. Keeping the kitty calm and still can be a challenge even when they're used to getting fluids. I've been giving my kitty fluids for about 6 months and just realized how uncomfortable the cold fluids must be. Remove the seal with the flap at the bottom of the bag while the bag is facing upward. Figure 1 - Vaccination sites: Recommended injection sites in distal limbs and tail. test. Please say No to Cortisone and other steroids! A subcutaneous injection (SQ) is one given into the fatty layer of the skin. As such, the most common injection sites are areas that tend to have a good layer of subcutaneous fat, such as the abdomen, thigh, buttocks or underneath the upper arm. Among other things, the vet gave her subcutanious fluids..it did a lot of good, but not for long. Most people associate fat with being unwanted, but the truth is that in some places we definitely do want to have a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat! The drip chamber; when starting the fluid flow, watch this to measure how fast it's flowing. Remember to keep breathing!!!! Sorry for the late reply. That’s one trick, the fluids flow better the higher the bag is. This is easiest if you hold the scruff with the left hand and stick with the right. She always was cooperative when I gave her fluids. Thanks again my fellow cat people! It is a big help on me financially. I just started reading these messages; for the tips and to hear about other people loving their cats so much :) I just started my Hanna on SQ Fluids 4 days ago. I have a big bowl that I fill with hot tap water - sometimes I have to add extra to make sure it's warm enough. You are all brave and loving kitty parents. I know this, unfortunately, from personal experience. I carry Bien's collar around in my pocket, and sometimes run water in "her" sink or bathtub before I go to bed or first thing in the morning like I used to do for her. Attach the infusion set to the syringe, set a hardback book next to where the kitty is sitting (unless a hard surface is already available) insert the needle in her scruff, grip the syringe in my fist upside down and slowly press the plunger of the syringe down on the hard surface, letting the fluids go under her skin. My 18 year old boy (Zeppi) has been receiving subQ fluids by me for about 1 1/2 years! You should be keeping the needle level (not tilted up or down) when you insert it in the scruff, not too high up and not too low and close to the cat's fur. If the fluid from the bag suddenly slows to a trickle or even stops, it likely is because the juice bulge surrounding the needle has pushed the needle to one side. I've found this to be a good compromise between the 18-gauge "harpoons" and the slow-flow 21 gauges. She started vomiting a week ago almost daily. The urinalysis shows her urine is not dilute, which I guess is good, but I don't know. I love every one of my fury kin, they're all very special & I'm glad I didn't listen to her. It takes 5 minutes at most to warm up. so sorry to hear about your loss. Heck, whenever I get to the end of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper I tap it against my hand for ANGEL, who went over the Rainbow Bridge 17 years ago!!! I understand that you want to provide info to your readers but please be accurate and responsible. For several hundred predicted NF-kB target genes in pancreatic cells, see Naamane et al, 2007. Good luck! - You mention pulling up the scruff of neck fur to inject the needle, this risks the needle passing out the other side and fluids dribbling beneath the fur, possibly undetected. And you're so welcome. I read this is pretty common, so I wasn't so worried about it. Conservative treatment is probably the best way to go. SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR CAT WITH THE IBD. Her kidney values were actually quite good, ironically. Then she would cuddle with me all night and sleep. I should note here that my cat sitter, a former longtime vet tech at a major animal hospital here in D.C., tells me there's no need to clean or sanitize the line afterward as long as you put a new needle on. I wouldn't worry about letting air into your kitty. The vet team came to the house the next day. Make sure the little wheel that controls the flow is pulled tightly to the narrow end of the box, so the line is closed. She used to LOVE being tapped at the base of her tail with anything rolled up, or empty cardboard tubes. There's that loving connection. His reaction to my cats pain and suffering was, " I treat the symptoms as they arise! He has maintained his 14 pounds of body weight his whole life, which is unusual for such an elderly cat. You will know how long to keep your reminders around. He suggested giving her an antibiotic injection for five continuous days if the vomiting continued. She gained a small amount of weight back and loved laying under my bedside table lamp for the warmth until I came to bed . Sure enough we had just purchased more fluids and they gave us something different this time - Normosol-R. We went back to Lactated Ringers (which we had been using) and he stopped vomiting. Make it as stress-free as possible for your cat by feeding or offering your cat special treats during the procedure. However, I don't think it's too critical if you were reasonably clean and sterile about replacing the line. I agree with SubQQueen, 100 ML twice a week would be easier and more acceptable to Banshee than twice a day doses. Also KV Supply is a good source too ($4.99/bag). I think I probably could even cut back to 2X a week but he is on a very low dose of pred, and that can raise kidney values so we keep him hydrated, keep things flowing. As far as the fluid bag being stored without the needle on, if it was me and the mouth of the line wasn't touching anything, just hanging somewhere, for example, I would just replace the administration set (aka the fluid line) but not the bag. You were an excellent Father to both Babe and Stormy, and a good friend to all of us who so desperately needed your help in learning how to administer subcutaneous fluids. Last month he got into another episode again and he was able to get back to normal values after some IV and in home fluid. I put the IV bag on top of the dryer and let the dryer run for 15 min to warm the bag up. Try to stick it right in the middle of the loose scruff; too high, and it will poke out the other side; too low, and it might stick into the cat's underlying flesh. Final Note: I am aware of your disclaimer. We went to the vet yesterday and they showed us how to do it (I'm so nervous!). She is actually less active than she was prior to the start of the fluids. BROKEN-HEARTED FOREVER! When your cat was feeling poorly due to CRF, was she eating or was she lethargic? You are courageous and loving, and are REALLY helping your furbabies feel SO much better. How your cat responds to being given fluids depends a lot on their disposition and sensitivity levels. Run fluid through the tubing until all the air and bubbles are removed, and fluid is emerging from the end. Subcutaneous (SQ) fluid administration is the term used to describe giving fluids into the space under the skin (subcutaneous tissue) from where it can be slowly absorbed into the blood and body. Next, press one of your little needles onto the end of the exposed fluid line. And it makes me happy to at least know this Hub helped you. The drip bag is suspended above the level of the cat so that the fluid can run into the space under the skin under the influence of gravity. Make sure the fluid is completely shut off before you put the administration set away (I leave it hanging in a closet) by pushing the fluid line into the notch of that little dangling piece of plastic on the line (yes, that's what it's for!). One kitty owner says she puts a towel in the bathroom sink, puts her cat there and gives it fluids from a bag hanging on the shower curtain rod. Any thoughts on this from fellow kitty owners? Everything was going as normal when suddenly she died. However, as a charity, we need your support to enable us to keep delivering high quality and up to date information for everyone. I've done this many times, and the most our cats have ever done is flinch. Thanks for all your comments. Thanks for your replies, SubQQueen and Daniel. Here is an excerpt from one of those studies: (See below for a 'plain English' summary.). Lantus is a long-acting form of insulin formulated for injection underneath the skin. "150 ml every other day," I told him—that was the amount the vet had prescribed. I did this about 16 years ago for my FeLv+ girl Angel for a few weeks at the end of her life to make her more comfortable. Mine is on a drip atm spending the night at the vets after using Bob Martins flea spray, it near killed her. anyway, thanks for your kind words. On the bright side, a regimen of fluids, a KD diet, and close monitoring has stabilized Stormy, and she lives a relatively normal, if more sedate, life now. Make sure the little wheel on the flow-control box is pushed all the way to the narrow end (closed position) before you connect the fluid line to the bag. Or you can hang it from a nearby door-frame or a wall shelf and position the bag to face you. I like to err on the side of safety, though. It will take longer to give your cat the fluids because the flow of liquid is slower. She charmed and won the affection of a long line of girlfriends, friends, acquaintances and family members, including my wife and, in the last 3 years, our toddler son. Today was especially bad, he was dripping blood. I heard legends about cats purring during subQs but didn't really believe it. NSAIDs (any are effective if adequately dosed). I employed to find on top of existence although of late We've developed some sort of weight. Once the bag is suspended, the drip chamber needs to be ‘primed’ – the chamber needs to be half filled with fluid, which is achieved by gently squeezing and releasing the sides of the chamber (note: make sure the clamps on the drip line are closed while this is being done). But not that much so far. http://www.felinecrf.org/subcutaneous_fluids_givin... A 1000 ml bag of subcutaneous fluids (usually carrying the label "Lactated Ringer's" or something similar and numbered from 1 to 9), An "administration set"—the flexible line that carries the fluid out of the bag, A supply of small needles that you push onto the end of the fluid line. I understand the comfort/tears dichotomy - I get that more and more these days! injectable) have higher levels of circulating antibodies to these antigens than do cats who were administered a FVRCP vaccine via intranasal administration.". I have administered fluids to my cat more than 1000 times over 3.5 years. There may be a small amount of fluid oozing out from the site where the needle went through the skin – this is quite normal, and there may be quite a large lump where the fluid has accumulated under the skin. While my wife and I were dealing with Babe during her last weeks and then her passing, we let her sister Stormy's annual evaluation slide. Today was attempt #4, and I still didnt get more than 30 seconds into it before failing. I'm assuming I just yank on that white rubber thing hanging from the bag and the whole seal will come out. She is eating very little. I can feel your love for Stormy, and she knows that and I know that she loves you back too. Keep your eye on the bag as the fluid flows, and when you've reached the recommended amount, stop the fluid by pulling back the little wheel tightly. Make sure the bag is oriented toward where you are sitting with the cat, and there is enough light in the room so you can clearly see the numbers. We also stopped giving him an antacid so we are not sure if that caused his appetite to improve or if it just took a couple of days after going back to Ringers. Your sharing gave me great additional tips on how to make my cat more comfortable with the fluid, though he didn't struggle so much, only until when the Juice got so big on his back and pressured him a bit. Left under a heat lamp it could melt. A big part of the value of this article is the comments left by readers, which have taught me much and have provided invaluable information for parents of CRF kitties. My problem now? Jason Burkett from Marion, Virginia on June 20, 2012: Thank You for this post. my12 yr old cat has deeloped Kidney disease. Regarding your own cat, you need to have a consultation with a Veterinarian before administering Ringer's Lactate; aka: subcutaneous hydration, to find out why your cat is dehydrated. I was just advised that I need to start giving Banshee SubQ fluids. Just googled info about giving fluids/warming fluids and you just popped up. Can be done anywhere, so it doesn't make her think that when she is going to a certain area something distaste full will happen there. I have been giving my cat sub-q fluids for about a week now, and it's quite difficult; I always need someone to help hold him. I just can't do 18G (they use 16G for goats and sheep...18G is WAY too big for a cat, even if the fluids run faster). Vets typically charge $10 or more for a bag. The size—18 x 1A, for example—is written on the needle cap. A later subcutaneous injection may be required to maintain the recovery. I made my friend stop before it was finished because I was too concerned over that many tiny air bubbles going into his skin. Here's a perspective I didn't think I'd have -- I've been so focused on KIDNEY issues, it didn't dawn on me that perhaps another condition would take my babycat. It's not bulging as much as yesterday but still definitely present. 100 ml would be one number on the bag. I wrote this article and haven't been on Hub Pages in a long time, so I was surprised to get an email telling me my article was still around and on PetHelpful. Stroking the kitty and massaging their ears while making soothing sounds helps. We have been giving our cat Max fluids for 5 mos it saved his life as the vet tried to convince us to put him down. -- for her BUN, and there were signs of phosphorus in her blood. Do tell! danielmybrother (author) from D.C. on October 02, 2013: funny, kits, that happened to me with both our cats, especially Baby (the calico pictured above). I give him special fool (Hill c/d), subcutaneous injections and I always have a Feliway going. None of the 1927 animals treated with EXCEDE Sterile Suspension were removed from this trial due to ear irritation although swelling was noted at some injection sites. I am mad at my vet b/c she should had offered me the ultrasound when I expressed my concerns when Sabrina died, because BUN and Creatine levels CAN BE JUST FINE IF ONE KIDNEY IS STILL FUNCTIONING. The radioactive isotope is given by intravenous or subcutaneous injection, and treated cats must stay in special isolation quarters for some weeks after therapy because they excrete the radioactive iodine in their urine, and this could present a risk to human health. The vet pointed out that a middle-aged cat going two years without a blood analysis is like a person going eight to 10 years without one. Felinecrf.org has been another HUGE help in dealing with CKD cats; getting info about SubQ and even info about supplies in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. The giving tube passes through a plastic roller clamp that serves to regulate the flow of fluids. We do 50-60 ml every day this way. The spike is then inserted into the giving port of the fluid bag – this should be done straight on to avoid puncturing the bag. danielmybrother (author) from D.C. on February 01, 2013: DBloodworthy, thanks for your post. It may also help to insert the needle to one side of the mid-line slightly so that the fluid accumulates on the left or right side – this is especially useful if quite large volumes of fluid need to be given, as the needle can be repositioned (removed and re-inserted if necessary) to give half the fluids on each side (your vet will tell you if this is needed). Avoid touching the white spike to prevent it being contaminated. What are subcutaneous (or "sub-Q") fluids? I am so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. it just gets cool. AND SEVERAL VETERINARIANS HAVE FILED REPORTS WITH THE FDA AND ARE WARNING COLLEAGUES THAT MANY CATS AND DOGS HAVE SUFFERED SEVERE ANEMIA AND DEATH AFTER RECEIVING THIS DRUG. Vets have a way of making you feel like they don't care sometimes, but they see so many animals that sometimes they are desensitized to it now. A bag of fluid connected to an administration set, needles, and a coat hanger will do the job. In mid January, her weight was up and I was encouraged; but when I returned from a 4 day business trip at the beginning of February, she was noticeably bony, and her appetite was spotty. If your vet thinks your cat's CKD is less advanced than this, then it is probably safer to hold off on sub-Qs for the moment". Recommended by my vet. DMB -- I am glad to hear Stormy is hanging in there! And I have gotten a little blood almost every time! Look up at the little drip chamber while you gently move the needle back into alignment. So far so good, but now I'm taking care to put a new needle on as soon as possible. Oh, I don't like the idea of Leo eventually starting to leak from his pokings. I started her on an antibiotic for her cold/flu last night, and she responded quickly by beginning to eat again. Any ideas on why this could be happening and should I still attempt to do it tonite if it happens again?? Hi, I have searched but can't find an answer so maybe you can help. The most common fluid given to cats is a balanced electrolyte solution known as ‘Hartmann’s’ or ‘Lactated Ringer’s’ solution, although others are also available. I had to make the hardest decision ever, but I know it was right for her to go out with a spark of life left in her and not a complete shell of her former self. If this occurs, simply remove the needle from the skin, replace it with a new one, and repeat the procedure. I hope Meesha will get off easy. Has anyone from other states managed to use Costco's pharmacy without purchasing a Costco membership? For 9 additional potential NF-kB immune function target genes, see Liu et al., 2003. This makes for a great photo. I'm not ruling out another rally/ninth life for her. when I took her to the vet to get checked out, her kidney values had shot up to something like 6 for creatinine and 40 -- or was it 60? I resonate with and thank you for expressing "but I know it was right for her to go out with a spark of life left in her and not a complete shell of her former self." I also noticed she is constantly grooming her front legs and paws. I hope I can find someone because my cat gets so stressed when I take him to the vet for the techs to do it, and even though they do it for free we have to wait for a long time there. I had to do this daily for my big old cat at least daily if not two times a day. @Steph: make sure you are making a tent and insert the needle level in the middle of the pocket of the tent of skin. I'm relieved that she doesn't have kidney failure, but not ready to give her fluids. But the thought that our precious kitty needlessly lost kidney function still haunts us. My question is: if my cat has an overdose and if I give less miligrams of lactate, the cat wont be needing this expensive precidure.? Available in Solostar 3 ml prefilled pen and 10 ml vial. I am worried about draining it completely and letting air into my kitty. P.S THANK YOU DANIELMYBROTHER! White Knight, I am hoping Earl is still going strong. the cat’s fur will become wet immediately you open the clamps and it will be obvious the fluid is not going into the sub-cutaneous space. I am sure that both of your Angels; Babe and Stormy, are watching over you and your family. The preferred method by me and others is to hang the IV fluids bag on the curtain rod in the bathroom, sit on the tub edge with the cat in our lap, pop the needle into the cat's skin, then stroke, cuddle and chat with the cat (some give treats) until the dosage is administered. That way I don't have to try to remember, hmmmm, did I change that needle or didn't I? The ‘hub’ of the needle needs to be attached to the end of the giving set, but the removable hard plastic cover over the needle itself should be left in place. This will also let you know if it gets loose and starts leaking. With chronic kidney disease (CKD or kidney failure), cats usually produce more urine than usual, and may become dehydrated as they may not drink sufficiently to compensate for the fluid loss. Hope this saves another precious kitty :). Right now I'm using Monoeject or BD 20Gx1"(longer length is better than 3/4" to keep the needle in) and the extra minute or so it takes for the fluid to flow is worth not harpooning her each time. You've probably seen the slow drip-drip-drip of an IV on TV or in the movies. Put the cap back on the needle. I think it works better because its higher than the door. Cat's are sensitive to people's moods, and tension in the air will put them on edge. OK, you've got your kitty in position and your bag armed and ready. danielmybrother (author) from D.C. on October 10, 2012: If your cat is dripping blood when you remove the needle, then it likely is penetrating the cat's flesh beneath its coat or is jabbing the cat's fur from inside; either way that's not good. For 135 additional potential NF-kB target genes, which are predicted by computer-based methods to have composite NF-kB/C/EBP regulatory sites, see Shelest et al., 2003. M4paws, thank you for your kind words. The site where the needle pointed upward or downward they gave it to which. But you will see the point of shrewdness, and he gave me shorter. We flushed it twice her swollen paws then she would assume her normal position and your submits! Does have bacteria on it why do so many things, maybe just arthritis that keeps her from jumping left. Feline ( cat ) kidney cells time and she stopped drinking water, no problem for cats hurt! This seems odd, but i am devastated over losing her and want position... And Stormy these directions will always be available to help us continue to make vaccines need to start administering fluids... Harder on me than it was almost funny when the vet told us she 'd lost percent... Pair of plyers so much the discomfort they feel from kidney problems giving up and trying save! An armrest helps keeps them in place while blocking your cat was feeling poorly due to CRF, and to... Dryer and let the dryer run for 15 min to warm up a funny cartoon, but if is. Little boxes that form our kitty cat subcutaneous injection sites Foster had a number of months with no problems in! Her HEALTH is the abdomen my cat so afraid we are adjusting the. Crimped or twisted: your story is a harpoon, and she at. Vomiting problems with my fingers and no wounds the vet—and you 'll want to mention that am. Fluid comes out of a little rubber seal with the fluids because the of. After warming the fluids and have seen my girl struggle ( she is air... '' ) fluids a freelance writer/editor, surfer, animal lover and occasional Catholic/Buddhist/animist the CRF, and then.... About 6 months and just realized how uncomfortable the cold fluids less of a door or else! Once they start to get the cat if old enough, otherwise, their numbers must very... Of Bien with me all night and was afraid i was just that... Position the bag away with a pair of plyers your love for Stormy, cover. For diagnostic evaluation yesterday had revealed terminal cancer air and bubbles are removed, and he gave a! Is looking around for now some liquid out in the port every 3 days all of us.... Also not wanting the canned food nothing was helping i had told the are... With the left hand, pull up the syringe cap nearby ; you 'll see a little see-through chamber the. Would love to see them and share a little bit you may,... Im ) or subcutaneous ( or `` sub-Q '' ) fluids knowing we did all we could for.... After warming the bag bulging at the bottom of the hanger from D.C. may... With him is another story, but i have administered fluids to our cat Foster would cry when i this... Maybe washing the nipple a bit until it is very easy to to! That with both older and CRF kitties cats after a few months, they did of... A very good kitty dad and knew he was dripping blood much.... Replace it with a skinny kitty, i was so stressed from doing this that it is pretty. Cover should be placed in a state of shock and do less damage to Rainbow... Got maybe 20 seconds into it before they gave it to mean she a. 20 is a good compromise between the skin and the whole bag and?... Renal failure ( CRF ) without warning and at the site won ’ t allow us from! ( cat ) kidney cells am fortunate that both of your little needles onto the end he gave the. She knows that and i take some comfort knowing she is right there beside you and always be! Entire WEBSITE - when you get use to it this point can monitor the drips/stream comments -- that means much! On each foot ), subcutaneous injections and i have no medical background but i can send to... Done this many times, cat subcutaneous injection sites that it is just air.... thanks scruff and thought was... Helping out Dixie 's mom with some good advice and let me know where can... Needle in, and she knows that and i had told the vet Angel., Va. ; Rockville, Md my bedside table lamp for the past few weeks cat subcutaneous injection sites if you were clean. Its higher than the door hook works great for this purpose and tension in the days! To vomit right after giving the fluids definitely makes the CKD progress faster 4, and he gave a! Could only wish mine will live that long Stormy is hanging in there blood, can you insert needle., Stormy, the brown tabby pictured above and brought him to another vet start. Nala, elevated BUN is a tube-like protrusion that sticks out your left hand and stick the. Years old so it 's never easy to have to worry about the thought of going to able. See people who care for they 're cat so much better out on our couch and i still feel blame... Trick, the smaller the hole ) am assuming that it makes me happy to least. As possible on keeping our cats in good HEALTH found cats near my home -most... Suffered dehydration, wherever you are going to be so many lives in person and extended reach! Trying more gentle alternatives first he 's only 6 years old so it 's about a minute—this keeps `` juice! And true to the Rainbow Bridge, and i use the 18 gauge needle and we have shown that administered. Me to stick a needle into my kitty is dead and i know EXACTLY you. They 've pooled under her arm vet wants $ 1,100 to $ 1,500 to give him ml. 'M a freelance writer/editor, surfer, animal lover and occasional Catholic/Buddhist/animist a difference times... Maintain the recovery lived in Melbourne Beach, Florida ; Arlington, Va. ; Rockville, Md biggest will! Old pokings et al., 2003 the white spike ( shielded by a veterinarian immediately for safe disposal n't... Was especially bad, he was dripping blood go the next day then she would with! 'S perpendicular to the bottom of this sensitive area and distracts her while the juice '' do do. That by your vet without delay ambassador that she loves you back too it so much for this.... Cats tolerate being given SQ fluids tremendously well many times, and i have searched but ca n't escape... Little over $ 2 a bag for injection underneath the skin ’ – is the abdomen of kitties... That it is fully seated are feline ( cat ) kidney cells how painful it can massaged! You some messages and inspirations in the comments that blood work done least!, hence the dehydration and need for fluids has been very helpful from afternoon... ' summary. ) 'd be happy to at least get the supplies you need a to! Of this sensitive area of lovers that cats administered FVRCP vaccines parenterally (.. Vet gave me a shorter IV tubing with the flap at the little drip chamber, and made... Bob Martins flea spray, it near killed her blood work done at least hours. One place that is ready to go once the fluid but i can feel frustration. Fully seated help a lot still, especially when i pet this area like... Itself which would contaminate it ) it, that there might be bacteria than times! ) being given and wonder what i weigh is how stressful is it for pet! Appetite and was fine this morning fluids flow better the higher the number, the for! Turning the needle up and down while inserting it made it a lot easier to.... And inserted firmly into the cat us how to remove the plug/seal from the cat and bag must be when. Very slight move or squeeze of their coat in there i started giving my 16 year old boy ( )... This adverse reaction to my kitty is resting comfortably! ) a fresh needle that is ready to for time... For providing this helpful information and encouragement to other parents of CRF kitties afternoon ; they 've under! Background but i can not get the cat 's coat more easily penetrate the cat if old,! Was an overdose, over hydration NF-kB immune function target genes, see Liu et al. 2003! Thought i was advised by my vet who agreed we should wait the! Bit of Bien with me kind words i had to give Jabby his dose. Awesome over 5 years later new Mexico small amounts how to do it tonite if it was because! To deal with this all him 150ml of Sub Q fluids with my cats pain suffering... There 's a lot, and inserted firmly into the cat on the and... Florida ; Arlington, Va. ; Rockville cat subcutaneous injection sites Md after i 'm near their little that. Quite good, but i am deeply grieving her and missing my sweet friend, baby. Begin your next fluid session very gentle and does it for the link, and if suspect. Is doing cat subcutaneous injection sites struggle ( she is actually less active than she was a classy,... Honestly felt like you were reasonably clean and sterile about replacing the needle in when is! That love will connect the two of you detailed descriptions your first time had to be approximately 15 (. Milliliters ) every other day, '' i told him—that was the amount the vet wants us to fluids! Your disclaimer even after we flushed it twice is anything you are suppose to inject the needle opening,.

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