In April, Laurie Bergren, Supervisor of district 7 in Hudson, announced that she would be moving out of the district, and vacating her seat on the County Board effective May 04, 2017.  Under the current rules, the Board Chair Roger Larson is responsible for identifying and appointing a suitable candidate within 60 days. The appointee is then approved by a majority vote of the full Board at the regular monthly meeting.  Candidates must live in the district where the vacancy exists.

The search initially yielded two candidates, Ms. Tammy Moothedan, and Ms. Sarah Yacoub.  In the event of multiple candidates forwarded by the Chair for consideration, an election is held, with sitting Board members voting.  Once approved, the appointed candidate will serve until the April 2018 spring election.

Ms. Moothedan recently withdrew  her name from consideration, leaving Sarah Yacoub as the only candidate under consideration.  Only a “no” vote from a majority of the current board could cause the search to continue.

Ms. Yacoub, a liberal Democrat,  ran against Mike Nieskes in a contentious race for the St. Croix County District Attorney position in 2016.  Despite her filing a complaint with the State’s Elections and Ethics Commission alleging election corruption in the DA’s office, Mr. Nieskes won the election by a significant margin.

Sarah spent six years as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County, CA, prior to relocating and entering private practice here in St. Croix County, contracting with the Public Defender’s office.

If you’d like to express your position on Ms. Yacoub’s appointment to the Board, please contact the Supervisor in your district and let them know where you stand prior to the Board meeting.  The Board meets Tuesday, June 06 at 5:00pm.