After more than an hour of public comment, with many individuals speaking both for, and against the plan,  as well as a significant amount of additional discussion by board members, the County Board approved the adoption of the Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan in a 13-5 vote.

The plan was developed under County contract by Toole Design Group, and funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant, combined with matching funds from the St. Croix River Crossing Mitigation Growth Management Fund and St. Croix County budget.  It is designed to serve as a roadmap for the on-going development of bicycle and hiking trails throughout the county.

It creates a long-term roadmap to serve as a guide for towns an municipalities throughout the county to implement as various improvement projects come up over the next 10-20 years.  The last county-wide Bike / Pedestrian plan was adopted in 1995, and expired in 2015.  This plan does not contain a specific time frame for its implementation, but is generally expected to span the next two decades or more.

The plan calls for hundreds of miles of interconnected trails, and it’s implementation costs are expected to be approximately $33.2 Million if all 64 projects are constructed over the next 10 – 20 years.

View the Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan that was adopted at the meeting.